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Sound Healing Activations

During a sound healing session (60'-120'), healing frequencies and vibrations are created that stimulate and harmonize your energy fields. As sound travels over the physical body, the flow of energy is increased, harmonizing us and charging us positively. Many report losing their sense of time and space for a few minutes, others feel cold / heat / pulse and vibrations, in parts of the body and skin.

These sounds guide the mind to "let go" and allow the listener to enter a deep state of relaxation. The so-called Theta waves. In this state of deep relaxation, a general beneficial process is activated, and the natural self-healing function of the organism is set off.



What you may experience during and after a Sound Activation:
♦ Deep state of relaxation
♦ Harmonization at the cellular level
♦ Release of tensions from the body and mind
♦ Release of negative patterns
♦ Enhancement of the body's immune responses
♦ Activation of self-healing mechanisms
♦ General health stimulation, rejuvenation and reconstruction
♦ Enhanced concentration, confidence, creativity
♦ Sense of joy and rest and general well-being
♦ Better sleep
♦ Calm breathing and steady heart rate



My Gong and Sound Healing trainings started in 2013, at the first Gong Masters training in Greece by GongLoveArtLab. I trained in the Introduction & Intermediate Course in Tuning Forks in 2014 with Antigoni Tsegeli. In 2016 in Verona, Italy with ‘The Way of the Gong’ GMT, with Don Conreaux, Aidan Mc Intyre, Christof Bernhard and Livia Barbosa. In 2017 in Brighton, England at BAST for Group Sound Therapy, with Lyz Cooper. Between 2018-2019 I completed the trainings for Sound Massage levels I, II, III & IV at the Peter Hess® academy in Greece, with Mr. Nikos Avramidis as my teacher.


Sound Healing Activations with Gongs

Relax and be rid of pains and tension. Activate your body and mind through a unique journey of sounds and vibrations.

Therapeutic sounds and vibrations compose the experience of a "sound bath" with the Gongs in leading role. As you are "bathed" in cosmic/universal frequencies, sounds and vibrations, you are literally experiencing an energy purification. A Gong Sound bath cleanses you from heavy energies allowing your real light to shine through!

Sound baths with Gongs and other instruments have been reported to:
► activate the meridians
► calm the nervous system
► slow down breathing and regulate heart rate and blood circulation
► relieve pain, hypertension, insomnia and depression
► reduce stress, clear persistent and scattered thoughts
► enhance organic functions
► regulate digestion, improve memory, activate the immune system
► deep relaxation inducing rest and rejuvenation
► stimulate and harmonize brain waves, causing balance and improvement of brain functions
► aura cleansing from heavy energies and aura charging
► relieve symptoms of addiction and deprivation
► weakening of barriers and negative or restrictive beliefs

A Gong sound therapy (60'-120 ') usually takes place in quiet, pleasant, well-designed spaces. During such a Gong bath, you are invited to lie down comfortably and allow your body and mind to receive and be immersed in a vast range of harmonious sounds and vibrations from the planetary Gongs by Paiste, from crystal and traditional singing bowls, various percussion systems, windchimes, rainsticks, drums, kalimbas and more. The sounds you hear and feel navigate you on a unique sound journey through space and time.

The colorful sounds and multiple frequencies push the mind to surrender from the function of rationalization and then you are able to enter a deep state of relaxation. In this state of deep relaxation, the body's natural self-healing functions are activated.

Yoga exercises (asanas) or some gentle stretching are usually performed at the beginning of a Gong sound therapy, thus preparing the body and mind for remaining in a relaxed posture and so be able to receive the maximum benefit of the session.



• Come with a light stomach. Drink plenty of water before. Avoid coffee, smoking, alcohol and drugs that affect the nervous system.
• Wear comfortable warm clothes.
• Turn off your cell phones and other electronic devices that may cause unexpected noises before entering the room. Better yet, leave them out of the room or in the car, thus reducing the radiation for everyone around.
• Metal objects that come in direct contact with the body, jewelry, earrings, etc., are best removed beforehand.
• We do not wear shoes inside the room, so wear warm socks at the right temperature for you.
• You will need to bring a yoga mat, camping or gym. You can also bring a pillow, a warm blanket or a sleeping bag for deeper relaxation. Many also bring eye pads.

• Avoid smoking or consuming stimulating drinks such as coffee/black tea/‘energy’ drinks/heavy meals.
• Remain well hydrated especially for the next couple of days.
• Avoid showering on the same day if possible.
• Avoid engaging in excessive discussion ideally until the next day.
• Avoid toxic places/people/activities as much as you can.
• For the next few hours, choose activities that promote relaxation, in order to maintain the physical and mental well-being and the therapeutic effects activated by gong bath. The beneficial effects from gong baths and sound therapy in general continue to resonate in the body long after the session.

Note: The information provided here is intended to give you the tools to make informed decisions about your lifestyle and personal well-being. They are not recommended as a substitute for any medical treatment prescribed or instructed by your doctor or health care professional. They are offered as complimentary therapies.

Contraindications: People with pacemakers or mood-altering prescription drugs are advised not to participate in sound therapy sessions. Women during the first months of pregnancy using an IUD, with metal implants, should take precautions and may be advised to not participate in a Gong bath. In this instance we can discuss alternative sound therapy modules available to you and your condition.

You may be asked to complete a brief medical history form as well as a consent form before each session.



Sound Massage (Peter Hess ®)

Perfect relief from pain, stress and cluttered thoughts.

A Sound Massage (Peter Hess®), is a one-on-one session (60'), where you lie down comfortably on a massage table and singing bowls are placed successively on specific parts of the body, and played with special mallets in a particular sequence.

By striking the singing bowls we create harmonious sounds and pulsating vibrations, offering the body a gentle sensory massage, relaxing the muscles and at the same time soothing the mind, deeply relaxing and relieving from pain, stress and mental clutter. The practice is often completed with a small gong, 'packing' the aura and as a final energy 'sweep'.

These techniques were developed by the German physicist and pioneer, Peter Hess®. They have been scientifically proven to positively affect the body and emotional levels of the recipient.

The principles of a Peter Hess® Sound Massage are:
• respect
• a true holistic approach treating the body in parts and reaching the whole
• use of sound gaps and softness: "less is more"
• listening to the needs of the individual at any given time



"Luminous Body" Dual Therapy - New


"Luminous Body" Dual Therapy - NEW
Sound Healing & Relaxing Massage (with 2 therapists present) 60'-90'

A sublime combination of a full body massage by a massage therapist, whilst you're receiving sound healing frequencies, sounds and vibrations which will gently guide you into deeper states of bliss and harmony, as I play live, the singing bowls and koshi bells during your session. 

This session is designed for anyone who wishes for a very deep relaxation on all levels (physical body and energy bodies).


Sound Therapy with Singing Bowls

Overcome limiting beliefs, pains, phobias, addictions, and various symptoms.

Crystal Singing Bowls
During a Crystal Bowl Healing session (30'-60'), crystal bowls are played without touching the participant's body. It is a truly profound experience.
An especially effective treatment helping your consciousness expand and deepen into areas that you wish to gain insight from tackling issues concerning limiting beliefs, pains, phobias, addictions and various symptoms and states of being.

A Crystal Bowl healing sound session may involve singing, spoken word, visualization, as well as other instruments and sounds.
Crystal bowls are made of 99% pure quartz and produce very special and strong crystal clear sounds. They can achieve amazing results especially in combination with traditional (metallic) singing bowls, as they can activate and bring real focus, like when an arrow successfully finds its target. Their sound is more like a laser beam, compared to the harmonics created by the traditional singing bowls explained a little below.
They are also great companions for meditation and relaxation, as well as part of the "whole" of Gong sound therapy.

Traditional Singing Bowls
The traditional (metallic) also known as ‘Tibetan' or 'Himalayan' singing bowls, are part of an ancient technology, about 2500 years old, for stimulating brain waves and fluids in our bodies. They create a sound pulse that "entertains" our brain, offering relaxation and relief, especially from pain and stress.

Made of different metals and in different sizes and tuned to various notes when played by special mallets, they create a series of harmonious sounds and vibrations. Many Singing Bowls are "tuned" to specific frequencies, Hertz, in order to be used for specific parts of the body, although a good quality singing bowls will reach a huge range if not the full range of frequencies.




Meditation / Visualization / Therapeutic Relaxation

Mental, emotional and physical relaxation and meditation.

Guided meditations and visions are another way to release stress and tension, giving the body and mind the opportunity to align, reduce tension to activate a very deep healing by beginning a series of different recovery processes.

Meditation with visualization with regular practice brings great insight and activates all areas of our lives. The combination with other treatments as well as with prayer, brings even better results for those who are looking for radical changes in their lives.

Some Benefits of Meditation and Visualizations
♦ Regulation of blood pressure and heart rate
♦ Reduction of stress and depression
♦ Better connection and relationship with your body
♦ Cleansing from unnecessary and incessant thoughts, greater mental clarity, synchronization of the two hemispheres
♦ Activation of self-healing mechanisms
♦ Focus on real goals
♦ Access to important information from higher realms (i.e. Akashic records)
♦ Better quality of life and harmonization with the environment and the world around us
♦ Greater mental well-being
♦ Aligning with the here and now


Music, sounds, breathing exercises, gentle stretches, movements, murmurs, singing and walking, can be integrated into a meditation according to your needs and preferences.

Some types of meditations that I like to use and have found especially effective:

Love and Kindness:
helping you envision the flow of love in your life with family, friends, groups, places or circumstances that may present a challenge to you.

increases your positivity and well-being by reducing stress and anxiety, cultivating the healing power of gratitude in your daily life starting from the present moment.

Mantra or Chanting:
using a word, phrase, sentence, or positive statement, and repeating it rhythmically in order to find inner focus. This way you gain peace of mind and increase positive emotions, charging your energy field with positive ions, as words emit energy. 

by observing our thoughts, senses, and emotions, without judgment, we allow everything that exists to simply exist, with full acceptance and without getting intensely involved emotionally. We simply recognize life, the world, and ourselves as they happen to be, expanding our sense of perception, calmness, observation, and patience.

help you prepare for high-performance opportunities such as sporting events, presentations, negotiations and more.

by moving our attention successively on our body, head to toe, observing, releasing tensions, relaxing our muscles, bones and breathing, gaining rejuvenation and self-awareness.

mindfully helps you to be in the present moment, wherever you are, whatever is going on. This technique is yet another perfect way to synchronize the mind and body.


Therapeutic Relaxation

Relaxation is especially helpful in cases of high stress, emotional / mental trauma and a tendency to non-ground.

A simple but profound therapeutic treatment with the following benefits:
♦ Balances the nervous system and hemispheres of the brain
♦ Coordinates the body with its natural cycles
♦ Creates vital connections in the body
♦ Promotes healing of tense tendons, muscles and ligaments
♦ Balances stress and stress
♦ Relaxes muscle tension
♦ It opens the active paths, bringing relief to pains
♦ Promotes homeostasis in the body
♦ Cleanses & harmonizes the aura field (the aura).

A treatment improves mental clarity, focus and cognitive functions. It's a fast and efficient way to harmonize our energy bodies and cerebral hemispheres and bring our entire presence into the here and now.

Relaxation is perfectly combined with meditation / vision as well as all holistic massage treatments. There is also the possibility of conducting an autonomous session with breathing guide and oral instructions.